Friday, July 15, 2005

War of the Worlds

Ray Ferrier: Get in, Manny, or you're gonna die!
~quote from War of the Worlds (PG-13)

My wife and I saw this movie the weekend it opened and we both thought it was a great movie. The film begins by setting the stage and introducing the main characters. When the action starts, it's non-stop until the end. We were on the edge of our seats throughout the movie. I think the only negative was the ending... it seemed abrupt, almost as if they didn't know how to end it, but that didn't ruin the rest of picture... and, like most movies, I was able to garner something to write about. Get in!

In the case of the film, Ray pleads with his friend to leave with him because he fears his friend will die if he stays. It turns out Ray was right. He tried... yelling and screaming, but his friend just wouldn't listen.

When it comes to eternity a very similar thing happens. Everyone, without exception, is gonna die.(a) Friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, etc will someday breathe their last breath and will take that fateful step into eternity. It's unavoidable. There are several people in the world that know the truth of Jesus Christ(b) and the saving power of belief in Him. They know that the only way to eternity in heaven is faith and trust in the Son of God.(c) They do what they can to spread the word, perhaps even yelling and screaming in hopes to convince their friends and family to come with them.

I believe Jesus is the only way to the Father, the one fount of absolute truth and the only source of true life now and on through eternity.(d) The Father is in heaven and will be for eternity.(e) My desire is to be with Him forever and because of this desire I have placed my faith and trust in the one sure thing, Jesus Christ.(f) By doing so I am covered by the righteousness that is Christ... I am in Him.

I am not the only one who has done this and I won't be the last. Each and every day there are people who put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ. Each and every day there are people who are becoming new creations in the Savior.(g) You can be the next one.
When your last breath arrives, the only way to guarantee everlasting life in heaven is in Christ.(h)

Get in... or you're gonna die!

Monday, June 27, 2005

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Jane Smith: Who is your Daddy now?
~quote from Mr. & Mrs. Smith (PG-13)

With all the advertisement this movie had, I was a little worried that it would end up a disappointment. However, Mr. & Mrs. delivered a fun action packed film. The combination of humor and action usually are a makeup of an entertaining movie and this was the case for the Smiths. For some reason I had set in my mind that this would be rated R, however, to my surprise it was rated PG-13. Turns out, PG-13 was probably correct for today's standards. Regardless, my point here is not to debate the rating of the movie, but to talk about your Daddy.
In the case of the expression, "who's your daddy", it appears twice in the film... first by Mr. Smith with the simple, "who's your daddy"... then followed up by Mrs. Smith, after taking the upper hand, "who's your daddy now". Of the two I chose to focus on Mrs. Smith and for specific reason. It's more important to know who your daddy is now.

From a biblical perspective, God is the Father of all.(a) He is the ultimate dad, filled with love(b) and willing to provide for His children.(c) He is always there,(d) always listening(e) and always watching.(f) He never fails.(g) There is one question... do you call Him dad?

The Father of Lights(h) is ready and available to be daddy, but it's our choice to accept Him as such.(i) Who's your daddy? Perhaps it's money or fame... maybe it's a person or a place... hey, maybe it's your own self. The problem is, anything other than God will never fulfill the need for Dad. Money is not always there, fame fades away, people can disappoint you, places come and go... and we can certainly fail ourselves. With God none of this is a problem.

No matter what you have called daddy in the past you can call on God, the Father now. Accept Him(j) and live for Him.(k) He will guide your steps(l) and make your ways straight.(m) "Who's your daddy now?"

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The Butterfly Effect

Jason Treborn: You can't play God, son.

PLaying God.

When it comes to this movie, it's pretty much what Evan (Kutcher) tries to do... going back in time, trying to change things of the past to make life better in the present and future. Without thinking too deeply; it sounds like a wonderful idea, but as Evan learns... it's not something that can realistically be done... and certainly not without unforeseen consequences.
I believe, without exception, people want to be in control of their lives, I know I do. If given an opportunity to change things or have more control, I'm sure many of us would go for it just like Evan did. After all we would convince ourselves that we could make things better and who wouldn't want to be able to improve things. The problem is this just doesn't work.(a) Being in control isn't the way to make life better, more stable or improved.

As a child of God a person is offered to give control of their live to their heavenly Father. God is full of mercy, grace and goodness and desires only the best for His children. He knows what's best and will lead those willing to follow, down the path He has laid out.(b) The only way to make life better, more stable and improved is to give control away... to turn control over to God and submit(c) to His good and perfect will.(d)

The past is the past, it can't and shouldn't be changed. However, we can learn from the past, both good and bad... and the things that have scared our hearts can be healed(e) through the power of God. He is willing and waiting for all people to come to Him and be restored; reconnected to Him and living in agreement with His plans and purposes. In this fulfillment can be found. We must press on(f), leaving the past behind.(g)

Even though we all have the tendency to play God in our lives... trying to control everything, we need to recognize what is best and turn to our loving heavenly Father. He will heal us, and He will lead us on.(h)

a: Proverbs 16:25

b: Jeremiah 29:11

c: Job 22:21

d: Romans 12:2

e: Jeremiah 17:14

f: Philippians 3:12-14

g: Isaiah 43:18

h: Psalm 143:10

Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

~Will it help?

Barman: Did you say the end of the world is coming? Shouldn't we all lay down on the floor or put paper bags over our heads?
Ford: If you wish.
Barman: Will it help?
Ford: Not at all.

~dialog from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (PG)

My wife and I saw this movie this past Monday. Ever since the first previews were aired we had wanted to see this movie. The good thing is we were not disappointed with the movie; it turned out to be pretty good. I found it to be adventurous, at times pretty funny and many of the effects were fairly impressive... and what'dya know I found something to write about.

The movie sets the stage for the coming of end of the world. In a bar scene the above dialog takes place. The truth is when the end of the age comes there's not much any bag could do for you. Lying on the floor or taking cover in some sort of man-made shelter won't help much either. So what's a person to do? Are we hopeless?

If we rely only on our own abilities(a) we are hopeless, but there is good news... we have help. The help that is available comes from God and through His grace and mercy(b) eternal security is offered. At the end of the age when the Lord Jesus Christ returns(c) those who have accepted this gracious offer(d) will be safe and secure in the ever capable arms of the Lord.(e) Those who have rejected this offer will be forever lost.

Lying on the floor or hiding under a paper bag won't help you when the end comes, but accepting the mercy and grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ will ensure your eternity.

a: Jeremiah 17:9
b: Lamentations 3:22-23
c: 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18
d: Romans 10:9-10
e: Isaiah 41:10

(thought history)

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Revenge of the Sith

Yoda: The boy you trained, gone he is. Consumed by Darth Vader.
~quote from
Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith (PG-13)

My wife and I acquired some movie tickets before they sold out and we were able to see Episode III on Sunday afternoon. We had both been looking forward to the completion of the Stars Wars saga. My main concern prior to watching the movie was how Mr. Lucas was going to fit so much story in so little time. I was pleased with the result. The movie was fast-paced and was constantly revealing bits and pieces of the story many of us are familiar with. Going in I was very curious to see how the 'holes' would be filled in by this film. I have seen all the other episodes multiple times so I knew before viewing this episode that Anakin was going to become Darth Vadar and the Supreme Chancellor was in fact Darth Sidious (also known as The Emperor), but seeing how the story was going to unfold was worth every penny.

There was so much to tell between the gap of Episode II and IV, but I believe George Lucas did a great job creating the bridge. Even though the runtime was fairly long (2hrs. 26min.), the film's steady pace keeps your attention throughout. Aside from Vadar's very cheesy, "NO!", the movie was fantastic, and like many of you are thinking... I found plenty to write about.

First off, let's get the obvious things out of the way. The "Dark Side" is the portrayal of evil.
Chancellor Palpatine is the Dark Side's puppet master pulling at the strings of Anakin's vulnerable heart. As soon as Palpatine has his claws sunk in deep enough Anakin is at his mercy and soon Anakin is no more... then arises the familiar Darth Vadar. Yoda, being the wise Jedi he is, senses the shift in the Force and shares with Obi-Wan the truth about his apprentice. Anakin had been consumed by evil and turned from the good path of the Jedi.

I find there is a similar possibility in the world today. There are many of God's children that do their best to walk a path He would be pleased with.(a) The devil, the crown of evil, lurks in their midst searching for a way in... a place he can sink his claws to pull them down.(b) This often is a daily battle(c), evil is persistent and the children of God must be just as or even more relentless.
If we are exposed and fall into evil's trap we must climb out before we are consumed by it. Sin is the exposure we must be aware of... and it is Jesus Christ and His sacrifice that cleanses those sins and seals the exposure.(d) If we fall, He will raise us up when we call out to Him. If we choose to allow sin to continue to expose us we will soon be consumed by it. The more we are consumed the more twisted our view becomes and soon evil appears to be good and good appears to be evil.

Be aware, be alert and stay connected to the source of good, Jesus Christ.(a)

a: Ephesians 4:1-6

b: 1 Peter 5:8-9

c: Romans 12:1-2

d: 1 John 1:8-9

e: John 15:5


Kingdom of Heaven

~For Strength
Hospitaller: I go to pray.

Balian of Ibelin: For what?

Hospitaller: For the strength to endure what is to come.
~dialogue from
Kingdom of Heaven (R)

I had been looking forward to this movie. It happens to be the kind of film I really enjoy. I wouldn't put it in the same category as Braveheart(link) or Gladiator(link), but it was good. I'm thinking that it's going to be similar to Troy(link) for me. The first time I watched Troy in the theater I had thought it was a good movie, but I wasn't that impressed with it. Since then I have added Troy to my DVD collection and I've watched a few more times and I like it more and more. I have a feeling Kingdom of Heaven is going to be much the same. When I find the DVD really cheap on I'll probably add it to my collection, watch it a couple times and find that I really do like it.

Now, about the dialog that I chose for this entry... the funny thing about it is I don't remember it from the movie, but from one of the trailers I had seen before viewing the entire film. Perhaps I just missed it, but regardless where I heard it... it was connected to this movie and it was one that caught my attention.

Strength is something that we all need to endure various trials in life. The best source of strength(a) is found in the Lord Jesus Christ through joy.(b) The freedom that is found in the belief and acceptance of His sacrifice(c) begins to open a spout of joy in our lives. This joy will give strength(d) to endure anything that may come our way.(e)

Another source of strength is our confidence in who God is. God, the Father, is a strong tower and protection to all His children.(f) He is a mighty fortress(g) and He upholds us with His right hand.(h) We must remember that if God is for us, who could be against us... who could possibly prevail against us.(i) These truths will breath confidence to our souls and strength to our hearts.(j)

When we go to pray, we can have confidence to approach His throne of grace.(k) We can be certain He will hear(l) and we can trust that He will give us the strength to endure whatever it is that we are facing.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

Summer, 2000.

Never was a small town
kind of girl,
and every place seemed
too reduced
for her taste.

Yet, she knew nothing else,
nowhere else to go
but her fantasies of slumber.
She was complelled to fit
into the place she was born.

She enrolled in the school
of the basic and unimportant,
to learn how to see herself
as the mere commoner cell she was
and could not change.

She covered her face
with a veil of mediocrity,
closed her eyes and
stretched her hands.
She started wandering
and crashing against
dozens of corpses just like her.

She was one now;
one with them,
with no one.
She was a succesful

She was compelled to fit.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Quotes of the week

"I once ate a Danish with no hands for 5 dollars."
Overheard at a financial institution packed with extremely smart stockbrokers.

"Would you still love me if I had 6 toes?"
"Yes, I'd love you even more."
'Would you suck on them?"
"Yes; especially on the 6th one."
From normal conversations of a couple of newlyweds.

'"I'm a porkchop!"
A PMS'ing woman.
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